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"As a dentist, I sought out the best for my kids - and that was Dr. Wingate. She is not only kind, fun, and patient, but is a VERY skilled clinician. My kids loved her office. Even when my oldest needed to have some work done, she made it such an easy and positive experience for him. You cannot go wrong entrusting your child’s care to Dr. Wingate."

Brian S. - Google Review

"Highly recommend Dr. Wingate! We took my son to see her for his first visit when he was 18 months. He was uncooperative and very nervous, but dr. Jackie and her team took the time to talk him through it and make him feel comfortable. By his second visit at 2, she worked her magic and was able to do a full cleaning, exam, and fluoride with no tears!!! Dr. Wingate and her team really make the dental experience SO fun for all kids! You won’t be disappointed!"

Marni P. - Google Review

"Can’t say enough good things about this place! We were able to quickly and efficiently get an appointment scheduled, and the staff was so helpful in assisting us with figuring out our dental insurance coverage and answering any questions we had regarding that. Dr. Jackie was incredibly knowledgeable and so thorough in explaining not only to the parents what was going on but also so amazing at explaining everything to the kids. She and her staff have incredible bedside manners and so much patience with children. We are so thankful we found Dr. Jackie and her staff!"

Alexandra T. - Google Review

"Thank you so much for seeing my family at Groovy Pediatric Dentistry! We had a great visit with Dr. Jackie and everyone at the office is so friendly and welcoming! Leaving with big smiles and happy boys! Thanks a million ❤️"

Katharine W. - Google Review

"Dr. Jackie helped me with alternatives to numbing and provided treatment with a laser! What an incredible relief to my fear of needles. So thankful for you and your help! I would highly recommend Dr. Jackie - go check this new office out!"

Christian P. - Google Review

"Dr. Jackie is hands down the best! On top of being extremely knowledgeable, she delivers top-notch quality care along with her kindness, honesty, and compassion. Highly recommend!"

Alicia - Google Review

"We had a fantastic experience. Recommend without any reservations at all. Absolutely fantastic."

Josh S. - Google Review

"Dr. Jackie provided the most incredible dental experience for our littles. The office is beautiful, sparkly clean, and fun for the kids! I highly recommend Dr. Jackie and we are so thankful she is open!!!"

The Blake Family - Google Review

"Amazing experience at Groovy Pediatric Dentistry! I love that Dr. Wingate is a mom - she knew what my son needed to enjoy his experience. She had a calm, nurturing demeanor and she made his first dentist experience exciting & FUN!"

Cara F. - Google Review


Nitrous Oxide Sedation/Laughing Gas

  • At times, your child may require more than our gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable. If your child feels anxious or fearful before or during a dental appointment, mild sedation with nitrous oxide, “laughing gas,” may provide your child with a more comfortable experience.
  • Nitrous oxide/oxygen (N2O) is a safe, effective technique to calm a child’s fear and improve behavior and communication during a dental visit.
  • It is also used to increase the comfort of children who have severe gag reflexes.
  • The effects of nitrous are quickly reversible and your child can resume normal activity shortly thereafter.
  • Since we administer nitrous oxide sedation through a mask that fits over your child's nose, please inform Dr. Jackie of any respiratory conditions that make breathing through the nose difficult for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nitrous Oxide

Q. What is nitrous oxide/oxygen?
A. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a blend of two gases: oxygen and nitrous oxide. When inhaled, it has a calming effect on the body. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is eliminated from the body with the administration of 100% oxygen.

Q. How will my child feel when breathing nitrous oxide/oxygen?
A. Your child will smell a sweet aroma we call “candy air” and may experience a feeling of giddiness or euphoria. Additionally, your child may report dreaming and arm or leg “tingling.”

Q. How safe is nitrous oxide/oxygen?
A. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is perhaps the safest sedative in dentistry. It is mild, easily taken, and then quickly eliminated by the body. Your child remains fully conscious and keeps all natural reflexes when breathing nitrous oxide/oxygen. Acute and chronic adverse effects of nitrous oxide on the patient are very rare. Nausea and vomiting are the most common adverse effects, occurring in 0.5% of patients.

Q. Are there any special instructions for nitrous oxide/oxygen?
A. Your child can consume a light meal (four crackers, plain toast, dry cereal, and water) in the two hours prior to the administration of nitrous oxide. Please avoid dairy (and dairy substitutes) and eggs on the day of your appointment. Please inform Dr. Wingate if your child is taking any medications or has had any changes in their health history.

Q. Will nitrous oxide work for all children?
A. Nitrous oxide is not effective for some children; especially those who have severe anxiety, nasal congestion, nasal obstruction/mouth breathing, or very extensive treatment needs. Should laughing gas not work for your child, we can offer other sedation methods that may be right for your child.

Hospital-Based Anesthesia at Main Line Health

  • For our children with extensive treatment needs, severe cases of dental anxiety, or for some children with special healthcare needs, deep sedation may be required to receive comprehensive dental care in a safe and atraumatic fashion.
  • Deep sedation will be monitored by a licensed, medical anesthesiologist while Dr. Jackie provides exceptional dental care with her own staff and own equipment. 
  • Dr. Jackie holds privileges at Paoli and Bryn Mawr Hospitals.

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Be marvelous

Being a parent is marvelous and we know that your children are precious! We take pride in treating each child like our own.

Be hip

We are committed to learning and practicing the latest advances in our field. We take an innovative approach to pediatric dentistry, offering treatments like Solea, white crowns, and minimally invasive treatment options like SDF and SMART.

Be wonderful

We know that kids are full of wonder and we take the time to establish trusting relationships with each and every unique little personality. We enjoy educating and motivating kids to be engaged in their good oral health.

Be trendy

Our office is designed with your child in mind. We want the kids to ask when they can come back and we want parents to stress less when they have to visit.  We believe in sensory-based play, cheerful decorations, and contemporary design.

Be excellent

We are always striving to exceed the standard of care and for full transparency. We offer the safest dental materials that I would want to be used on my own children and we invite you to join us throughout your child’s care!

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